Established 1998.

Development of sw based on needs of corporations, public authorities and non-profit organizations.

Focused in development and production of comprehensive integrated risk management software family for mapping, measuring, analysing, and presenting risks.

Sws are in use on all organizational levels, in all size of organisations to help our customers and partners in management and leadership by providing strong sw toolset to support desision making.

- Level of comprehensiveness
- Strategic situational awareness with illuminating maps
- Risks prioritezed and converted to money
- Strong sw integration
Chief executive officer
Jyrki Paananen
0400 458 501
Risk management manager
Janne Isoaho
0400 550 164
Product development manager
Markku Jokinen
050 492 4325
Sales representative
Jesse Heikinheimo
045 122 0136

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