4Ks ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) software set is formed by three separate software for organization’s management on different operation levels. 4Ks ERM software observes the Coso ERM and ISO 31000 regulations. 4Ks ERM software makes it possible for these theoretical regulations to be implemented in practical solutions and to develop organization’s efficiency in risk management and internal surveillance.

4Ks ERM software includes:

Strategy software is a presentation system for the upper management. It allows you to quantify and prioritize risks, which makes management’s decision making easier.

Expert software is a tool for the operational management whereby you map, analyze and implement action plans. Goal of these plans is to prevent and fix operational risks by making use of your internal surveillance.

Incident software is an easy to use entirety for threat detection reporting and report management. Your staff can quickly send different kinds of reports and ideas regarding safety and operations with a mobile application to their superiors. Superiors then have a websoftware in which they can manage these reports, gather statistics and implement corrective actions.

  • Includes: Strategy, Expert, Incident
  • System requirements: PC, browser, Android™ or iOS smart devices